The End of an Era

After over 6 years of intensive research and community development work in and around the Yachana Reserve, GVI Amazon is coming to a close. We have finished our final research project (look forward to our Road Effects paper, coming soon!) and are handing over the project to our partner, The Yachana Foundation. They will continue to maintain and monitor the reserve, using it as an hands-on science education center for students -- we're very excited to see what fabulous things this next generation of scientists find! For more detail on GVI Amazon's closure, and our accomplishments over the years, please read on...
GVI Amazon Closure Statement

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do Boys Gossip - part 2

Last weeks blog was entitled 'Do Boys Gossip?' And as 50 percent of the party who snuck up over 35 stairs, in the dark, on our hands and knees to find out if boys do indeed gossip, I say 'YES!' Actually at the time all we got was boring footy talk and the odd cave man laugh at the common fart, but the other girls here at GVI and myself are adamant that boys do gossip.

Unfortunately, the sneakiness of our actions had repercussions. All I'll say is, do not leave your camera unattended near a bunch of testosterone filled boys who are more than happy to get their kit off for a little bit of revenge. You'd think there was a wandering spider in the girls dorms from listening to the screams that came from them when Valerie turned on her camera.

Here at GVI we not only study the behaviour of natural wildlife but that of boys. And what ave we learnt? Boys love to gossip! All they need is the right bait. Just say 'did you hear that....?' and you've caught yourself one gullible gossiping male, but the trick is to never tell them what you actually know. what would be the fun in that?!

Bianca Amato - Amazon volunteer Jan-Mar 2010